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Why we built our own sprayers:

    Our first sprayer was built in 1990, because we could not find a high clearance sprayer with a self levelling 80' boom in our area that was built strong enough to withstand the impact of deep pivot tracks, light build, etc.

Issues we wanted to address when we started to build our new sprayer in 2003:

This is what we came up with:


The machine is slowly taking shape. The inside boom is welded, only the cross bracing is missing.

Tires: 320/90 x 54, tubular frame, 4"x6", fixed 88" wheel spacing since we are stuck on 22" row spacing with our bean production.

The finished unit, connected to our John Deere 6400

Finished to go to work

Control center for rate, boom height, agitator selection, tank wash nozzle selection and work lights

Spraying dry land with Roundup

Rear view

Side view in spraying position


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Klempnauer Farms
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